Sunday, April 24, 2016

[RESEP] Apple Pie Filling (Selai Apel)

Sebenernya saya agak bingung mau menyebut resep yang satu ini; selai apel? apple pie filling? saus apel? Pertama saya bikin adalah untuk dimakan bareng poffertjes, tapi ujung-ujungnya saya jadikan selai untuk roti, campuran untuk oat rendaman (overnight oat), topping cupcake, campuran adonan cake, atau malah dimakan begitu saja. 

Untuk pai apel, saya malah belum pernah coba karena lebih memilih memakai apel segar langsung di atas adonan, tapi rasanya sih bakal oke-oke saja, terutama kalau memang mau isi pai yang lebih lembut.  Cara membuatnya luaaar biasa gampang dan yang paling saya suka, bisa disimpan berhari-hari asal ditaruh di toples yang steril dan disimpan di dalam kulkas bertemperatur stagnan. Yuk langsung coba saja resepnya! 

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

[REVIEW] OKU Japanese Restaurant: Layers of Surprise

One of the perks of writing for a lifestyle website in Jakarta means get to be one of the firsts to try new places, and sometimes the most exclusive places too, like this one I'm about to share with you. Taking place in what used to be Casa D’Oro, Kempinski Jakarta has launched OKU as their newest addition to Jakarta’s fine dining scene. 
The captivating zen garden at the back
The name OKU itself implies the peeling back of the layers of an onion, that represents the culinary journey you will experience from one dish to the next. Helmed by Chef Kazumasa Yazawa (or Chef Kaz for short), you will not find the regular Japanese omakase dishes that you might expect in a premium Japanese restaurant.

Instead, you will find smoky organic, eggs, black fried karage, and stuff disguised as other stuff. "A modern take on Japanese dishes with traditional flair", the official statement says. Although honestly, after peeking at some of the photos I had my suspicion that this would be another rendition of the trendy off-the-beaten-plate ways of serving simple things, and making it unnecessarily extraordinary. So let's give it a try, shall we? 

[REVIEW] Mamma Rosy: Food From The Hands of an Italian Mamma

There's something about the world of Italian cooking that truly captivates me; ask any Italian their opinion about food, the response will always be something like 'my mother cooks it better'. This probably rings true for any home cooking, but for me, it tells a lot something about the culture of food in Italy. The culture of food that's deeply rooted to its centuries of rich history, dating back to the roman times. 

Like any big capital cities in the world, it's definitely not hard to find good Italian food in Jakarta. From the cheap and warung style pasta restaurants that serve pasta with ingredients that's nothing like how they do it in Italy, to fancy haute cuisine Italian restaurants that fly truffles and smoked roes ingredients, as well as the chef, from best parts of the world. But I'm sure many agrees that no matter where you are, you'll bound to love home-cooked meal more. I had never really had a true home-cooked mamma style Italian cooking. The kind you only see in movies and read in books, hearty meals that are cooked with a whole of lot of heart using recipes that have been passed from generations to another, with utmost pride, until I came to Mamma Rosy. 

The story of Mamma Rosy started with Daniel Vigone, an Italian expat that has been living in Jakarta for over 10 years. Daniel, whose family has been in the restaurant business since after the World War II, has always dreamed about introducing his grandmother's and mother's authentic Ligure cooking to the city.

When in 2013 Daniel found a big house in Kemang Raya that he saw fit to be turned into the restaurant of his dream. Before long, the whole Vigone family emigrated to Indonesia to dedicate their lives for the restaurant; especially mamma Rosy who became the icon of the restaurant and who now you can always see busying herself in the kitchen, making everything from the handmade Pasta, the sauces, the decadent tiramisu. 

“Our food is actually very simple,” Stefania Vigone, one of Rosy's daughter explains, “Liguria is where the mountain meets the sea, so our food is a mix of seafood and ‘mountain’ food. We have a lot of dishes which is very specific to our region, but we also have the general Italian favourites like pasta carbonara, arrabbiata, etc. so it’s a mixture of all that. But everything in the menu is our family’s recipe." Stefani added.

One of those that's specific to the region is the Vitello Tonnato, a typical food of the northwestern Italy that consists of finely sliced roast beef tenderloin with smooth tuna puree and dotted with capers. An interesting combination that rings true to the Ligurian 'mountain & sea combination' philosophy. Though because i'm not a big fan of tuna, what delighted me the most was discovering their awesome focaccia to be had with the Vittelo Tonnato.

Mamma Rosy's complimentary focaccia

Monday, April 11, 2016

[Resep] Bolu Pisang Saus Karamel (Salted Caramel Banana Bread)

Buat saya bolu pisang, atau dikenal dengan banana bread di barat sana ini adalah salah satu jenis kue yang paling gampang (baca: anti bantat) dan paling mudah dicari bahannya. Apalagi kalau kamu jenis orang yang sering beli pisang tapi malas makan, sampai tuh pisang coklat-coklat mau bonyok. hmm..  Alasan kedua, dalam hal kue pisang suami saya bagaikan bak sampah yang dengan lapang dada menerima bolu pisang dalam segala kondisi, bantat ataupun tidak. 

Nah kali ini, saya ambil satu resep dari daftar 50 (ya, limapuluh!!) kue pisang favorit di Namanya memang Banana Bread, tapi ia bukanlah roti karena pembuatannya sama sekali tidak menggunakan ragi.

Versi untuk bahan dasarnya pun banyak sekali, tapi intinya bahannya tepung, gula, pisang, telur, dan produk susu (bisa yoghurt, sour cream, susu, dll). Karena saya punya sisa karamel garam laut bikinan sendiri di dapur, saya pun pilih Kue Pisang Saus Karamel (Salted Caramel Banana Bread). Berikut resepnya: 

Friday, April 1, 2016

Smarty Fancy: Gout de France Dinner at AMUZ Gourmet, Jakarta

To promote this year's Gout de France, France's cultural representative in Indonesia, Institut Français d'Indonésie recently invited me to a dégustation in Amuz Gourmet, one of the 11 participating fine dining French restaurants in Jakarta (of a total 22 in Indonesia). Speaking of Amuz, means speaking of Chef Gilles Marx, its head chef and founder that at first might come across as aloof and reserved, but actually is one of the few top chefs in Jakarta that is not just amicable but also likes to personally come to your table and talk about the food. Chef Gilles, who has over than 20 years of experience in French cuisine, has specially created a 6 course menu that he feels best represent the spirit of the 'Good France'.

This was only my second visit in Amuz, meaning the whole fine-dining vibe still daunts me a little. Which is why I was genuinely elated that instead of the 'fine dining' kind of people, my dining partners that night was the good-natured new friends I made from IFI Indonesia and some equally boisterous media friends. For me, there's really so few things in this world that beats eating amazing food with great people, and for that I'm really grateful of what I do!

Table setting at Amuz

Sunday, January 17, 2016

My Bali Favourites: Tutmak Warung Kopi, Ubud

My friend who was living in Bali at that time, Danang recommended me this place. He also rented me a motorcycle and provided me a thorough explanation of how to get from Legian to Gianyar and later to Ubud by motorcycle, but that's for another time, another post. He said this was one of his favourite places that fare better than the more famous ones that can be a little bit overrated and sometimes overpriced.

Located in the quiet street of Jl. Dewi Sita, the restaurant was already pretty busy at around 6 pm, at least more than other places around it. The place was quite big, with an elevated floor and lounge area. Like most places in Bali, all the seating are semi-outdoor and no AC is needed thanks to Ubud's super nice temperature. 

 After being seated, we looked through the menu and found a wide selection of food, from breakfast, lunch, dinner, to desserts, all with prices that look reasonable. We started off with ordering Fresh Vietnamese Spring Roll (Rp. 28,000), which was quite large and would pass for an entree if you feel like it. We ordered the chicken-filled one, but there were also vegetarian and shrimp filling option. 

Vietnamese Spring Roll, Rp. 28,000

Sunday, January 10, 2016

[Recipe] Raspberry Pie

I wanted to make berry pie but because fresh ones are insanely expensive around here, I had to make do with frozen berries. I came across frozen raspberries for about Rp. 59,000/pack ($5) of about half a kilo. Not the cheapest, but definitely not the most expensive. (blueberries are). 

For the filling, I used the fresh berry pie recipe I took from Betty Crocker Picture Cookbook (1st edition!), just slightly modified due to the use of frozen berries. For the crust, I took Grandma O'Reilly's tried and tested crust recipe below.